The letters were found in Upper Egypt at Amarna, the modern name for the Egyptian capital of Akhetaten, founded by pharaoh Akhenaten (1350s - 1330s BC) during the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. The Amarna letters are unusual in Egyptological research, being mostly written in Akkadian cuneiform, the writing system of ancient Mesopotamia rather than ancient Egypt.


The Amarna Letters are a group of several hundred clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform (“wedge-shaped”) writing that date to the fourteenth century B.C. and were found at the site of Tell el-Amarna, the short-lived capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten (ca. 1353–1336 B.C.) (22.9.1; 21.9.13). Since Egypt is outside the area where cuneiform writing developed, the Amarna Letters testify to the use of the Mesopotamian script and the Akkadian language across

1973. The Jerusalem Letters from the el-`Amarna Archive: Linguistic Aspects. M.A. Thesis, Tel Aviv University. (Hebrew with English summary.) Rabiner, Sarah. 1981. Linguistic Features of the el-Amarna Tablets from Akko, Megiddo and Shechem.

Amarna letters

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67. 13. Bass 1967, s. 163-167; George F. Bass, Beneath The  Lycka · Din njutning - Tu est Divina I CLXXV · Amarna letters - Landologica IVD · Dialekter i isländskan - Europas tungomål DCCCXVI  Lycka · Din njutning - Tu est Divina I CLXXV · Amarna letters - Landologica IVD · Dialekter i isländskan - Europas tungomål DCCCXVI  From the El Amarna letters. London, Methuen&Co, 1898.

Letter of the Amarna series of diplomatic correspondence designated EA 10, which is written in cuneiform writing showing the continuation of a correspondence between Burna-Buriash II (otherwise known as Burra-Buriyaš) an ancient king of Babylon (named Karduniaš in the 1350BC Amarna timeperiod), and Akhenaten (also known as Amenophis IV), an ancient pharaoh of Egypt.

1332–1323 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history  I thought that this might be a fun topic for those of you who are into examining ancient primary sources. For those of you who may not know, the Amarna Letters  Canaanite Scribes in the Amarna Letters2018Ingår i: Journal of the American Oriental Society, ISSN 0003-0279, E-ISSN 2169-2289, Vol. 138, nr 3, s. Kända märken till billiga priser. Hitta och jämför The Amarna Letters från olika nätbutiker.

Amarna letters

The Amarna Letters (also referred to as the Amarna Tablets) is the name given to an archive of clay tablets discovered at Tell el-Amarna, in Upper Egypt.

An ancient inscription identified some of the ruins at el Amarna as "The Place of the Letters of the Pharaoh." Discovered there, circa 1887, were nearly four  In this section, we introduce diplomacy in the Near East, leading with examples from the core collection of diplomatic texts: the Amarna Letters. 21 May 2020 Introduction. The Amarna letters (sometimes “Amarna tablets”) are an archive of correspondence on clay tablets, mostly diplomatic, between the  The Amarna letters are unusual in Egyptological research, because they are mostly written in a script known as Akkadian cuneiform, the writing system of ancient  AMARNA LETTERS 4: Essays on Ancient Egypt ca. 1390-1310 B.C., Volume Four. by Various Authors. LETTERS-B.

Amarna letters

Letter 147 is in the category of Amarna letters, which has the following specifics: –EA 147 is undamaged (with few minor surface scrapes). –It is of moderate length, a single clay tablet (not part of a series, ex 2-tablet letter, or a listing like EA 13, 14 –It has clarity of cuneiform De Amarna bokstäver ( / ə m ɑːr n ə / , ibland kallad Amarna korrespondens eller Amarna tabletter , och det hänvisas till med förkortningen EA , för "El Amarna") är ett arkiv, skrivet på lertavlor , främst bestående av diplomatisk korrespondens mellan den egyptiska administrationen och dess representanter i Kanaan och Amurru , eller närliggande kungarikets ledare, under det nya The Amarna Letters are complaints about the attacks, written from these city-state rulers to Pharaoh and asking Pharaoh for troops. These people are identified most frequently using the Akkadian logogram SA.GAZ, however, in some letters the Akkadian word "Hapiru" is used. Amarna Letters List. Note: Many assignments are tentative; spellings vary widely.
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Amarna letters

This is a List of Amarna letters by size, mostly length X width, and starting with the shortest (in Height). Note: a few Amarna letters are wider than tall, for example EA 290. It should be understood the definition of "mayor" in the Amarna letters.

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Amarna Letters, cache av lertabletter upptäckta vid Tell el-Amarna i Egypten och dateras till kungarna Amenhotep III och Akhenaton från den 

The Amarna Letters provide invaluable insight into the nature of diplomatic relations among the great nations and petty states of the 14th century bce, as well as an incomplete and tantalizing hint of the strategic maneuvering that occupied them.

he Amarna Letters is a glimpse of the connections between the Egyptian royalty and the various royalties contemporary and Egypt's Empire and sphere of influence. The haroah and the Kings of Babylon, Mittany and the way Egyptian diplomacy worked are contained in thse letters written in cuniform on clay tablets which gives the reader an insight into the pronunciation of the Egyptian names.

(plural), Amarna letters / Letters. 3. Briefe abholen. to collect letters. 4.

British Museum.jpg 2,301 × 2,496; 4.36 MB Amarna Letter EA73. Storyline: Rib-Hadda, mayor of Byblos, warns that the traitor named Abdi-Aširta, is telling the people of each city to rise up and kill their city mayor and become allied with the Hebrews. In this case pharaoh is warned that the town of Ammiya, near Byblos, is at risk of such an insurrection. Letter 147 is in the category of Amarna letters, which has the following specifics: –EA 147 is undamaged (with few minor surface scrapes).